“Kansas is iconic, And Lee Jeans has always been iconic to me.”

Kianna is the singer songwriter with the band Yes You Are, from Kansas City, who are essentially pop music, but it’s kind of alternative, the lyrics are a little bit darker, but the songs are always sparkling and glittery. “I love living in KC, and it’s where so many great people and things are from! Superman, Dorothy, Walt Disney, the World Championship

winning KC Royals! All of these legends, although they are all iconic, heroic and special, they all have a quality to them that says – I’m down to earth, I’m just like you – and Lee Jeans has always been iconic to me. I feel like wearing Lee says the same thing – I’m iconic, but I’m just like you.” @oyesyouare

“Kansas is not a big city, but it’s got a special vibe here and it creates things that are really stand out. There’s a lot going on here. A lot more than meets the eye, and just amazing collaborations, great artists.”

Oversized long puffer jacket in oil blue colour. Statement, super warm, quilted coat in a soft, techy fabric.

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