Bringing authenticity right back to Kansas City cuisine

Amante is the chef and owner of The Russell restaurant in Kansas, an all-wood burning fire table that serves fast, casual cuisine in an artisan way. It’s a super stylish eatery with a whole lot of heart, dishing up farm-fresh, rustic cuisine with charm and style. “The Russell was concepted to both elevate the city and return to its rustic roots.

We bring authenticity right back using Kansas City’s favourite hickory wood, and simple ingredients from local suppliers set the foundation for an unparalleled Kansas City dining experience. We have a great mix of customers who are all part of the experience.@helloamante  @therussellonmain

“At the Russell, we love cooking for the do-ers, makers, builders and creators of Kansas.”

Amante wears our new herringbone Loco Jacket. The Loco Jacket (L91J) was first referenced in the Lee® collections in 1925. Also referenced as Railroad Model. It was originally made to fit on top of overall in a durable and resistant 2×1 Jelt Denim (extra twisted for more strength; trademarked in 1933).

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