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With Tommy Laurens

Can you introduce yourself briefly My name is Tommy. I’m a 27 year old guy from the south of France who moved to Paris 3 years ago for my current job. I think that I’m a normal guy for my age, who spends a lot of time with friends. I love travelling and have made it my mission to travel often. The things I have done, the Cities I have been to and the people I have met, has shaped who i am. I try to build a healthy daily life and strong foundations for my future.
How is your profession related to fashion? Driving callcenters for a French telecommunication company is my main activity and I hope, the springboard of my career. It is not really related to fashion however I worked in a famous department store in Paris for a fashion brand. I loved to make my customers smile through my taste and selections for them. I’m looking forward to do the same with Instagram apropos fashion photography as a model and influencer.

What do you think of the Move Your Lee campaign? And what about the Rider fit more specifically? There’s a few fashion brands specializing in denim and Lee is one of them. Move your Lee campaign is at the forefront of renewing the image of denim globally. Everybody wears denim but according to their specific cuts it has a different style on people. With the rider fit, Lee is in line with the young active generation, who wear the same denim for work or for weekend! And so do I.
Is denim a key component of your wardrobe? In which occasion do you wear denim?
Definitely… I wear blue jeans everyday. I like them slim fit or skinny fit. My jeans are really classical in their color because I wear the same ones for work or if I’m going out. I don’t truly feel myself without denim!

What is a typical week for you? How does it sound like? From your activity to your outfits, the people you meet or work with… I work from Monday to Friday with typical office working hours. At the end of the day, I go for a gym session (I train 5hours a week). I try to multi manage my time with appointments for business inquiries and Instagram events. I therefore switch all the time between these various activities during my weekdays. During weekends, it’s all
about meeting friends, resting at home (my favorite) and preparing the next posts for Instagram (shoots for example). With the rhythm of life, having blue jeans and some good sneakers is always a good choice!
How is your “influencers”, digital community important to you? How do you integrate them in your daily life? I guess it became important when I saw different people in different countries, asking for a photo with me because they are following me on Instagram. I’m still surprised by that. My community is with me, all the time and by all the messages I receive, I have to care about it by giving them more of who I am. I guess it’s a human thing : we love to be appreciated by others and that feeling is reassuring.

What’s your source of inspiration? I have a main source of inspiration: my mom. She was a very beautiful woman (not only because she is my mum), but she was very appreciated by her entourage, successful at work (she worked in beauty), had beautiful values but especially she loved to travel. She left this world too fast, so unconsciously, I’m having the life with everything she would have liked to do.
How do you keep yourself diversified in what you do, to avoid the daily routine?
Actually I use that second activity of being an influencer to avoid my daily routine. As for me, it’s not work yet, it remains a pleasure and a hobby – even if I sometimes have to be very organised and even if it takes me a lot of time. I Otherwise qualify as a globe-trotter and not having a trip planned makes me genuinely sad! A life is far too short for everything I want to do.

I wear blue jeans everyday. I like them slim fit or skinny fit. My jeans are really classical in their color because I wear the same ones for work or if I’m going out. I don’t truly feel myself without denim!

How do you differentiate yourself from other influencers? What is THE thing that makes you unique vs others?
I didn’t try to build a large community at the beginning. I became an influencer because of it. All that I wanted to do is share my experiences, show everyone what I like and why not promote it (even if its not demanded by the brand). So of course, my posts are more and more sponsored, but I try to remain who I really am, with a personal feed and not pretend to be someone else by promoting products I don’t even care about!

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