Lee x Ornamental Conifer

With Laura Trevijano

Can you introduce yourself briefly? I’m Laura, 27 years old, born and raised in Madrid. I absolutely adore photography and videography, editing and almost anything related to that! As for things I don’t like – weirdly enough, trying on clothes. I love fashion and shopping, I just don’t enjoy trying on clothes, so I’ve developed a way to know if something will fit me just by looking at it!
How is your profession related to fashion? I have a lifestyle themed Instagram account and YouTube channel, and that includes lots of fashion. I love boho styled clothes and basic, statement pieces with something on them that makes them stand out.

What’s your vision of the brand Lee? I love the brand so much I actually begged my mom to include Lee in a clothing store she used to have. She had various brands in her boutique and one of them was Lee. I got to keep as many jeans as I wanted and it was a treat!
What do you think of our Conifer collab? I didn’t know him before, but I’ve checked out his work in the past weeks. I love how plays with different fonts and the cool retro feel it gives when incorporated into clothing.

What do you think of the pieces he customised (Rider/Scarlett jeans, t-shirts, denim jacket, leather biker blouson)? It turns a basic piece into a statement, just what I look for in fashion.
Is denim a key component of your wardrobe? In which occasion do you wear denim? Absolutely, I almost live in a pair of jeans, denim skirts are a summer must for me and denim jackets are a basic piece in my wardrobe, to dress down fancier outfits or as my go to jacket for everyday. I even used to own a denim handbag…

What is a typical week for you? How does it sound like? From your activity to your outfits, the people you meet or work with… There’s really no typical week for me, my schedule is kind of crazy. I do spend lots of hours editing in my computer, filming either inside or out and about… I get to meet really amazing people in events and the best part of my job is I get to decide my own timetables, so I make time for everything!
How is your “influencers”, digital community important to you? How do you integrate them in your daily life? It’s strange because I feel the Spanish community is really close and friendly, so I see them more as my friends than anything else. They’re part of my daily life as we all work on the same platforms and share great part of our audiences.

I almost live in a pair of jeans, denim skirts are a summer must for me and denim jackets are a basic piece in my wardrobe

What’s your source of inspiration? I honestly couldn’t name only one. From movies, books, music and art to Pinterest. I can get inspired by anything, anytime.

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